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Daniel Mustata

BSc Civil Eng Grad Cert (Mgt) Principal Road Safety Engineer

Duc Phan

MSc Civil Engineering

Transport Specialist

About Daniel


With 24 years in the industry, Daniel is best known as a passionate innovator and an expert on road safety and traffic engineering. His experience with road safety research and development extends to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and S.E. Asia.


Daniel designed and implemented the C.A.R.D. (Crash Analyser for Rapid Diagnosis) analytical program which is now standard practice and used by all Road Safety professionals in Victoria. More recently he designed a world-first road safety projector that is now used at road work sites to improve speed compliance and safety. He is an active member of the AITPM (Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management) and the EA (Engineers Australia).

Recipient of several road safety innovation awards, with some innovations becoming standard practice and used by all Road Safety professionals in Victoria


About Duc


Duc is passionate about the transportation sector and has over 10 years of experience as a transport specialist. Having a master by research degree at Hiroshima University – Japan, Duc has expanded his career at the Transport Development and Strategy Institute in Vietnam and the World Bank Group. He specialises in traffic safety analysis, travel behaviour analysis, geospatial analysis, transportation planning, transport economics, and policy consulting. Currently, he is doing a PhD research on traffic safety modeling at La Trobe University, Australia.

Duc's expertise includes his ability to analyse and innovate. He has a strong engineering background and work experience in both developing and developed countries.

Gino Dimacali

Senior Transport Specialist

Radu Mustata

Associate Traffic

About Gino


Gino is an exceptional engineer & designer with a broad knowledge base. The majority of his experience has been in the transport and road safety engineering field. He is a specialist in scoping and developing Road Safety and Active Transport Projects. His innovative design skills are well sought after in this industry. 


Gino is an accredited Road Safety Auditor. He is well acquainted with Movement Place and Safe System transport philosophies.

About Radu


Radu has over 5 years’ experience in Traffic Management including implementation of Traffic Guidance Scheme Traffic and Traffic Management Plans. Radu is an accredited Road Safety Auditor in Victoria, Australia.

He participated in the development of road safety and traffic policies, updated manuals, guides, and reviewed and authorised traffic management plans for construction projects

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